le Market Girl: Chrissy Leavell

Los Angeles babe Chrissy Leavell is the brains and beauty behind the emerging label Une Heures, which le Market is thrilled to be one of the first stockists of. For more of Chrissy check her Instagram @chrissyleavell

hello there, good morning, good afternoon.

my name is chrissy, lovely to meet you.

i spent 19 years growing up in new jersey, 6 years in new york / brooklyn, and the past 6 years here in los angeles.

did you figure out how how old i am now? it's a math equation, just kidding. 

i was a student at FIT for four years of tedious apparel industry training, while interning here and there with any energy i had left, and probably staying out late, keeping my eyes busy with the movement of new york city. thinking about it now, i don't know how i did it. 

i've spent the last 11 years working for different companies as a designer and/or pattern maker, jeremy scott, ralph lauren, band of outsiders, marc jacobs and zac posen are a few. seeing the rhythm of large, fashion week brands vs. smaller brands shaped my understanding as i moved along. 

i grew tired of new clothing, i only wanted to wear vintage - it seemed more sustainable, gave less buyer's remorse, and completed my love for generations of the past, especially the 1960s. i was slowly finding knits from the 60s that eventually became the only thing i would pair with trousers and skirts, but they were never the right fit, fabric content or color. alas, une heures blossomed.

i spend my time cutting through traffic on a vintage 70s motorbike, or coasting rather slow in a tiny '71 honda n600 car (with a motorbike engine!) trying to keep my eyes happy and covering new ground as often as possible. there is so much to see, why see the same things? camping, hiking, swimming and seeing outside of los angeles is just at important as submerging myself in this city. it fits for the best balance.

What are you listening to?

i'll always tune into 60s french pop, and lately turning towards vincent gallo & david lynch's music. it's interesting to listen to music not necessarily by bands or "musicians" but rather people with an eye and ear for surroundings on a more complex level. and, well, always the smiths and morrissey.

Your ideal Sunday?

i usually choose to have a backwards schedule, so, this means i usually work on sunday in trade for a weekday off...when less people are around. although, i do start my work day late on a sunday, so i get to have a long morning watering many plants at home, making breakfast and coffee with my love, visiting flea markets or going on a walk from a favorite book, "secret stairs." this book fell into my lap as soon as i moved to los angeles, it really twisted my idea of this city. it shows you things you wouldn't necessarily see. you can follow the hand-drawn map, and/or read along to follow the loop through neighborhoods and alleys that don't look public, but they are, and you get to be a real snoop because the book tells you to.

When you go to the ____ market, you come home with ____? 

when i go to the flea market, i come home with old photographs of strangers doing strange things. 

Le Market