le Market Girl: Caroline Smith

Minneapolis-born, LA-livin Miss Smith is the chanteuse currently on our turntable. Keep an eye and an ear out for her new album, it is sure to be a stylish neo-soul classic.

For more of Caroline check her website www.carosofresh.com Instagram @carosofresh

Hello Le Market world, my name is Caroline Smith.

I’m a full blown Taurus marked with the stain of intense ambition and mild workaholism; I don’t know, I just feel best when I’m over-scheduled. I’m a musician and a song writer so fashion and style is not necessarily in my job description, but I take it on with the same amount of passion and tenacity. I love connecting with a specific designer, obsessing over their seasons, and indulging in a few pieces when my budget allows it (maybe even sometimes when it doesn’t). Currently, I can’t get enough Jacquemus. I can’t help but feel he created his entire line just for me. *strokes a hand-made hair doll figurine of Jacquemus.*

I’m originally from Minneapolis and have been living in LA for the past year and a half. I like LA, I like how the weather is always the same day in and day out, I like that it doesn’t rain on my hair causing it to explode out at all angles like a Hulk that breaks hair bands, I like that my creativity and my drive is challenged every single day here, but my heart definitely belongs to Minneapolis. Nothing beats a bike ride to a friend’s cook-out by the lake. 

I am never without a book that barely fits in my purse and my car is always a disaster. Also I am very very into Ryan Huffington’s dance classes he teaches every Wednesday at his studio, Sweat Spot LA. I literally weep with joy every dance class. Also for reasons unbeknownst to me, I can’t stop getting tattoos. I’ve gotten, like, 5 in the past 6 months.

What are you listening to?

I really love Steve Lacy and Homeshake right now. They both have such a vibe and somehow remind me that I don’t have to take everything so seriously all the time.

Your ideal Sunday?

I love to cook. It is something very sacred to me and I don’t let anyone or anything impede on my cooking time. There’s something so soothing about putting your creativity into something so ephemeral. It’s like sand castle art or something. So on Sundays I take long runs around Echo Park lake, stop by the grocery store on the way home, and cook dinner with a glass of wine listening to podcasts in my kitchen. Podcasts I listen to religiously are: The Read, This American Life, Science vs, and I hate to admit it, but TED.

When you go to the ____ market, you come home with ____? 

When I go to the Silver Lake farmers market, I get fresh chicken broth. (If you haven’t had it, you must try it- it’s life changing, not kidding.) 

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