le Market Girl: Jess Flores


A few weeks ago we met with Jess at The Kitchen Mouse for coffee and then walked along Figueroa. She was kind enough to answer our le Market Girl questions. Learn a little more about Jess below. Follow her on instagram @jedelefleur



Hello! My name is Jessica Deanna. Born and raised in Los Angeles. I'm currently working as a barista at a local coffee shop and majoring in art history. I enjoy curating, photography and fashion as not only forms of expression but ways of thinking and doing. The visual arts aren't just about the pure creative process, but include critical thinking and communication between other fields of study. (That's what I love most about art, it is unsuspectingly intellectual.) I use Instagram as a collection of daily aesthetically pleasing scenes, but I also like to incorporate my current readings or musings to provide depth for those bits of everyday life. 

What are you listening to? 

Spotify is my go-to listening source. Lately it's been A Seat at the Table by Solange, I See You by The XX, and the discography of The Doors and other great artists of the past.

Your ideal Sunday? 

I try to designate Sundays as restart days. Depending on my current state of events I either spend Sundays being really productive and active or contemplative and zen. Mornings are when I work best. It's just great to wake up when the air is still cool, do some deep cleaning or reading, then glance at the time and realize it's barely noon.

When you go to the ____ market, you come home with ____? 

When I go to the flea market, I come home with interior decor objects.

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