la Liste August '17

Regarde / Watch States of Undress

A style icon in her own right, Hailey Gates explores global fashion and issues the industry often ignores, showing us what the world wears, and why. Season two from is out now.

Lis / Read Anyone Girl Issue 02

M: WAIST considers the ideas surrounding the female mid-section, both inside and out, exploring sex, movement, digestion and a woman’s GUT INSTINCT. Our second issue also looks at the communication that happens in silence: gestures and body language, habits and internal monologues (and how this differs to what might actually come out of our mouths). Referencing film subtitles, stage directions, rhythmical and percussive elements. Preorder here. 

Consomme / Consume Club Mate

M: The first time I tried Club Mate was late at night on the U-Bahn, as we hopped from stop to stop. Like Red-Bull without the crash, Club mate is the preferred drink of Berlin club-kids and Euro-hackers, and also the perfect addition to any mixed drink. Find it near you with this interactive map

Visite / Visit Paw Paw Records

L: A record store cum curiosity shop in Virgil Village, Paw Paw Records is hidden in the top floor of a apartment building and has an unmistakable air of hidden gems. Smartly selected vinyl nestles in next to vintage books and knick knacks so that you feel like you're hanging out in your cool old uncle's basement.

Écoute / Listen The Seven Things You're not Supposed to Talk About

M: Producer Sarah Koenig's mother lives by a set of rules about conversation. She has an actual list of off-limits topics, including how you slept, your period, your health, your diet and more. You don't talk about these things, she says, because nobody cares. This week we try to find stories on these exact topics that will prove her wrong.


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