la Liste April '17

Regarde / Watch “Nonna” PARIS | A film collaboration Giu Giu x Hamadou Frédéric Baldé

M: Giuliana Leila Raggiani and Hamadou Frédéric Baldé, met in LA in March 2016, and immediately began a collaboration. This merge of their two creative worlds, manifested in the form of a film series, called “NONNA” (the name of giu giu’s reproduction of her grandmother’s original turtleneck).

Lis / Read Well-behaved women rarely make history: meet 2016's breakout star, Sasha Lane

M: Sasha, like Andrea's Honey, takes a wider view; this isn't about despair and desolation, but about hope and optimism, finding the beauty among the filth and the dirt. "I grew up right in the center of America, I saw everything; the lack of opportunities, the way people treat you," she says of being raised in Dallas, Texas. "The beautiful thing about that though is when you get a group of people living the same way, they understand that it's about not judging the other. I think we need a lot more love and a lot more empathy and less judgment. Trump is definitely not on that vibe," she adds, archly, "but that's what we need to get back to."

Consomme / Consume Macho's Tacos

L: Cheap, easy and tasty. My new neighborhood spot for a quick meal is the charming and retro Macho's Tacos on Vermont Ave. A canopy of greens enfold a patio area where you can munch in peace, and the salsas are always fresh and made in house. Que ricos!

Visite / Visit Desert X, Coachella Valley

L: Thanks to a charitable non-profit organization (Desert Biennial) the desert landscape of the Californian Coachella Valley is an evolving canvas for site-specific work by an array of artists. The works aim to amplify and articulate global and local issues and are free to the public. The current exhibit features mirrored buildings, murals and more interactive works that are well worth the drive out of the city.

Écoute / Listen Electric Slide by Marleigh Alexandra Culver 

Lovely artist and creative, Marleigh Culver makes and shares some of our favorite playlists on Spotify - follow her for great listening and be sure to check out her beautiful art. 

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