le Market Girl: Cybelle

all images taken from Cybelle's Instagram

all images taken from Cybelle's Instagram

Hello! My name is Cybelle Alexis. I'm a blogger for The Messy Heads and I have a YouTube channel. In addition to those I let out all my random thoughts on my Instagram @CybelleAlexis. I'm plant based and spend my time focusing on living a compassionate life. 

1) what's in your beach bag?

I'll usually toss in a lightweight denim jacket with my le Market pin on it. Always a water bottle, mine's a sleek silver one. I'll typically toss in a banana or peach for a snack. A good book, something that'll feed my brain! I just read 'The Four Agreements' and I couldn't speak more highly about it! Sunnies! Always. I usually have like 3 pairs in my bag, but they're all the $10 ones from thrift shops, I hate spending my money on things I know I'll break or loose. 

2) how is your ideal Sunday spent?

Around town. Late morning, lounging around with a cup of coffee and then brunch out with the girls. Driving down a costal highway, just taking it slow. 

3) what inspires you?

Lots of things! Nature, people, colors, books, thoughts. I pull inspiration from almost everything. 

4) fruit or vegetables?

Fruit! Love my veggies, but asking me to let go of my peaches & watermelon?! No thanks. 

5) signature scent?

Amber essential oil or Marc Jacobs Daisy. 

6) favorite mode of transportation?

Preferably walking or cruising on a skateboard. But I do love a good train ride!

7) where was your favorite vacation spent?

Too hard to choose! I love Europe & also Mexico. But road trips are always my favorite. 

8) what's your go to snack?

Almond butter, bowl of veggies + rice, or fruit. 

9) what is currently on your turntable?

Frankie Cosmos. 

10) you get a pet tomorrow: what do you name it?


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